How many Canadian and US Colleges do you have information on?

A: We have detailed information of over 5000 Canadian and US campuses.

Does University Search only provide resources for athletic bound students?

A: U-Search program is for both academic and athletic university and US college bound students.

Which collegiate sports does your program include?

A: All 23 collegiate sports are represented by U-Search.

Grades High Enough?

In what grade of high school and when should start working with Matchfit or E-University?

A: Optimal start is after you’ve finished grade 8. University and college admission officers do look at your grade 9 first semester performance and grades. However you can use our program in grade 10 and 11 too.

How do I know if my grades are high enough to apply for Universities on my short list?

A: In our university profiler we have a grade calculator that will show you a detailed list of institutions grades and/or SAT admissions standards.

I know US Colleges have admission tests do you have previous tests I can practice on like SATs?

A: Yes we have many past admission tests you’ll have unlimited access to test your knowledge.


What is the deadline to register for the NCAA?

A: Grade 9- first semest. Refer to the NCAA website for date deadlines.

Does MatchFit assist me with my eligibility for the NCAA and the application process?/h3>

A: We’re a complete program including resume wizards to detailed instructional videos.

Will your program show me what should I submit with my scholarship application?

A: E-University is a complete program offering you resume wizards to detailed videos.

Will your program help with my scholarship application letter?

A: Yes we have proven successes with our resume and cover letter wizards and tutorial videos.

How long can I use your program?

A: Program memberships are for 1 year and renewal notices are auto-emailed at month 10.

Further questions?

A: Email